For a dreamy bathroom and kitchen, floral and balanced colour scheme is vital. During bathroom and kitchen design management, experts arrive with inspiring and attractive design books, magazines and pictures. To make your bathroom and kitchen installation process easy and attractive, we are giving some beautiful colour scheme ideas here: Disclose your Idea Clearly tell

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Experience a whole new style of living!

Home is where the heart is and this feeling should reflect in every nook and cranny of the house that you are building for yourself. If you are buying a house, chances are that much of the facilities are already there and you can just move –in and the scope of making changes is less.

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Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important places in your home. They see the most action and need certain formalities to be fulfilled before you can enjoy them in a desirable ambiance. This requires detailed planning and only professional designers can carry this out, achieving flawless and attractive designs, while ensuring efficient and effective utilisation

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Disabled toilet fitted in a disabled bathroom in fife scotland

Disabled high rise toilet which has been installed by newage kitchens and bathrooms as part of a disabled bathroom installation in fife scotland. Not only is the toilet higher than standard toilets for use by the disabled, it also looks like a nice "normal" modern designer looking toilet that the rest of the family can

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Disabled walk in bath installation in fife scotland

Another bathroom installed by newage kitchens and bathrooms in fife scotland. This walk in disabled bath was installed as part of a disabled bathroom fitted in fife scotland. Because of the bath walk in doorway, the disabled person can easily step into the bath and then close the door and either fill the luxurious bath

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Newage Kitchens & Bathrooms near Dunfermline Fife on Facebook

  Newage Kitchens & Bathrooms who are near to Dunfermline Fife and have been installing kitchens and bathrooms in Dunfermline and around the Fife area for the last ten years and more; are now available to link to, or follow, or to comment on, in facebook.    

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Bathroom Wetwall panel disasters

We would like to advise you on the problems associated with wetwall panels. The pictures above illustrate the damage that can be done from wrongly ftted wetwall panels.The shower tray was easily removed leaving behind the panels because the silicone had not stuck to the wetwall panels allowing water to run down the back of

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