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Hot Tubs

Newage Kitchens & Bathrooms have now added hot tubs to their product range

Hot tubs

hot tub is a large tub or small pool full of heated water used for pleasure & relaxation.
Some have powerful jets for hydrotherapy or massage purposes.

Hot tubs are sometimes also known as spas or by the trade name Jacuzzi.

Hot tub features

  • American Balboa Control System – recognised leaders for ease of use and reliability
  • LED lighting at water level, corners and foot well to enhance the user’s mood
  • Insulation foam and sealed base to help keep the tub warm and lower electric bills
  • Fully equipped music systems with MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity (premium range)
  • Mounted speakers have colour changing LED lights

Soon all Newage spas and hot tubs will be available with a pop-up waterproof T.V, the waterproof T.V will be an optional extra

Maintenance free

Newage hot tubs are constructed using wood composite so they will not rot or deform over time and look brand new for years to come

If damage does occur then the side panels can be easily and cheaply replaced and fitted in under 15minutes!

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  • Seats 5
  • Loungers 1
  • Total Jets 49
  • Dimensions 2230mm x 2230mm x 940mm
  • Weight 450
  • LED Lighting Multi coloured LED lighting footwell, waterline and corner
  • Circulation Pump 1 x 0.5hp
  • Electrical Requirements 32AMP
  • Heater 3kw Balboa
  • Headrests 3

All Newage Spas come with a sealed base as standard, which is integral part of the hot tubs support structure. It is important to insulate your hot tubs. Without proper insulation a lot of valuable, expensive energy you use to heat the water will be lost through the hot tub body. Our hot tub uses insulating foam to keep warmth of hot tub.